Friday, April 30, 2010

can't you see we're in a land of confusion?

i'm not going to bother linking anything to this post because i don't think any of the things i'm about to write about are worth promoting.

i have just had the misfortune of listening to the tank: we were lost, sky eats airplane: the sound of symmetry, the classic crime: vagabond and gyroscope: cohesion. i can say without a doubt that these are some of the most boring records i have ever heard. this makes phil collins solo stuff seem edgy and fresh.

the one stand out, and i say stand out because it at least tried to add something to an oversaturated, stale genre of music was sky eats airplane. make no mistake, this album is about as exciting as watching paint oxidize but it's technically not a bad album. they can play and sort of sing. the problem is if you've heard any screamy metal band in the last ten years, you've heard this record. there's nothing new at all on it. because i've seen and interviewed as many of these bands as i have, i know there are a lot of young musicians that make an album like this because they think that's what they're supposed to do. make an album that sounds like all the other bands out there and maybe you'll grab a few fans. it's not like main stream tastes fluctuate all that much and if you like band x with sound y it stands to reason you'll like band z with the exact same sound.

what i'd like to know about the sky album is, what the hell is with the synthesizer bits? they don't add anything interesting to the songs by randomly bleeping and sound like a gimmick because they pop in for a second to add a harmony when they are in time and then are gone again.

so this post is really just a warning. if you like goo goo dolls and similarly banal bands then you'll love everything but sky eats airplane. if you like generic metal that sounds like an atreyu cover band you might like sky. it's lose/lose for everyone.

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