Monday, April 19, 2010

plastic tubes and pots and pans

the funny thing about noise music albums is that when you happen to find one with tracks on it that sound more like what we typically consider "music" you want to know why the artist only put one or two "songs" on their album and made the rest drones. they obviously have the talent and creativity to make interesting music so why would you make noise instead?

biosphere is one of those acts. i have only heard a handful of tracks that i would consider a proper "song" the rest of dropsonde (which you can buy directly from the artist here, just scroll down) is pads, drones, layered harmonics and occasionally percussive one-shots and loops. it's lush and full of sound that just rolls in and out with hints of samples from time to time that work really well and then vanish without a trace. it's almost as if he's not sure which way he wanted to go with this album. slow, lovely soundscape or mellow jazz inspired dance tracks. whichever it was, the thing works.

the tracks that are just soundscape make you sit back and relax but there's always an anxiety of what's about to appear. bioshpere foils expectations consistently (which is what a good noise album should do) by lulling you into a sedated soundscape then throws a 3/4 120bpm break beat at you. it should be more jarring but it seems to work so effortlessly.

this type of album/artist isn't for everyone. listening to six minutes of a handful of layered synth pads isn't very exciting to most people. for those of you that are still trying to figure out what i mean, it's kind of like listening to just the intro or refrain from an 80s prog rock song on repeat. i would suggest having a good listen or two to this album before picking it up because it might not be your cup of motor oil.

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