Tuesday, April 27, 2010

arrrgh it's the bats, run! get to the choppa!

Take Me to Your Leaderif you can tell me where that's from then i have a gift for you.

on to bigger and more exciting things though, and by bigger i mean a giant monster with three heads. no, not hydra but geedorah. he crushes houses, flies through space, fights godzilla and is actually just a six foot tall dude with a metal mask that has been dominating both mainstream and underground hip hop for longer than most people have been listening to it.

geedorah is one of the many personas that mf doom hides behind and is probably my favourite. while i like the other work he's done over the years the king geedorah album seems the most consistent throughout. mm..food? and madvillainy are tied for a close second but that's a tough call since madlib had a hand in madvillainy.

geedorah is equal parts monster movie cheese and well timed lyrical bombs. doom has a signature style that doesn't change much from album to album and i've heard him say that he tries to tailor his ryhmes to each persona but i haven't heard it. they all have the same braggadocio found in the golden age of hip hop. rhyme for rhyme though, he's got better lines than almost anyone present or past.

some how jay-z, nas and lil wayne (wtf?) are consistently at the top of the list for greatest mc's of all times. doom is one of the few rappers that i would actually say deserves that title. is he "the" best? maybe not, but he's got to be tied for that spot with two or three other dudes at the very least.

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