Wednesday, March 3, 2010

you'll forget the sun, in his jealous sky...

new(ish). the field. kompakt. that might be all that some people need but others may take more convincing.

the field's second album yesterday and today was released not long ago and is every bit as good as the first. axel's music sits somewhere in between microhouse and ambient dance music which might turn a lot of people off but you're doing yourself a disservice if you cringe and still think that "house" music of any kind means suburban kids with frosted tips and poor grammar. i hate using words like "organic" or "natural" to explain electronic music because i sound like a pitchfork reviewer but axel has a wonderful way of putting together a piece of music that moves and changes with subtle variation and somehow manages to make the 4/4 stomp much more appealing than it should be.

this album is full of bells and steel pan which is an odd choice but works so well. the second track is a korgis cover and that sold me on the whole album right there. everybody's got to learn sometime is so incredibly cheesy but has been stuck in my head since i first heard it sampled in a song in the early 90s. every time i hear it i fall in love again no matter how many people have covered it or what they've done to it. having said that, i do not own the original version and never will. i have too many fond memories of it stuck away in that lovely little nostalgic vault we all keep to let reality come along and make it less than perfect.

this was one of my first vinyl purchases in many a year. if you haven't bought a record in a long time and have been held back by the thought of trying to get the damn thing on your ipod don't fret, if the record label is even remotely forward thinking there will be a download card for high quality mp3s in the dust jacket. i don't think i'll be buying another cd for a while if this becomes a standard thing.

anywho, the field, yesterday and tomorrow. go buy it.

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