Tuesday, March 30, 2010

we goin' aroundanaroundanaround the sons of the flow...

rob moir, crazy diamond and gardening, not architecture take two. settle in, this could be a long one.

i don't like the hideout. i never have. their sound system is a jumble of cables and everything always seems to be feeding back even when nothing is on. it's an odd shaped room so i admit, the sound guys have their hands full but i'm just not a fan.

the few problems i saw at last night's show stemmed from tech issues (with the exception of one timing gaff that was just plain funny and forgotten quickly).

rob moir, who some people might recognize from the dead letter department, has taken his act solo and embraced the singer/songwriter pilgrimage. rob is no stranger to being on stage but told me that he was feeling really nervous about these solo shows because he's never been up there by himself before. he's looking forward to learning more about the solo musician/music fan relationship and how he can interact with the people at his shows, draw them in and make them a part of the performance. rob had an impromptu jam for his last song which pulled about twenty people into the mix. we played tambourines (which seemed to just keep appearing one after the other from rob's bag of holding.), clapped hands and sang along. i think everyone involved really enjoyed it even if they were a little embarrassed at first.

rob has been recording material for an album for the last year and plans on touring more in the near future. with spring here and summer not far off it will be the perfect time to get out to more live shows. check out his myspace page for a glimpse at what he's been up to but i don't think the recording does his live show justice. he's got a great voice, plays really well and honestly has fun onstage and that comes across immediately. he's a little folk, a little rock and a lot of heart. i just can't say enough good things about this young gentleman. go see him when he plays near you.

crazy diamond played another really solid show. they practice, practice, practice which you can see and hear. i mentioned before how unforgiving a mistress being locked to a backing track can be and sometimes people miss a beat but crazy diamond manage to make you forget that they aren't playing everything live. i would be interested to see how their songs work without the percussion and pads in the background but i have a feeling it would be every bit the soft and dreamy feel they get up to now.

i was surprised to see them a little more angsty and fired up this time. there was some borderline screaming going on which worked really well to off set the sleepy feel (good sleepy, like relaxing sleepy song stuff. it's just dawned on me that four people might get what i mean by "sleepy song" but i'll have to explain it later.)

so if you see them in your town, go say hi, buy stuff and wear it/listen to it. put gas in their tour vehicles and food in their bellies. they work hard for the monies.

gardening, not architecture took the brunt of the tech problems last night but once everything was sorted the set went off in fine style. i feel a little odd writing about an act that i just wrote about less than a week ago. then again it's not often that i see the same bands in such a short period of time. i'm not sure what else to say that i didn't say the first time. sarah was great. she's engaging and her music is fun. again, the light backdrop is just a great visual and helps turn the whole thing into a spectacle. i hope this trip out east has been a positive experience for her and given her the chance to meet some great people and see some great acts that she wouldn't have found otherwise.

ditto for g,na about showing some love and picking up hoodies, cds, you name it. check out the website if you don't happen to live anywhere near these shows or l.a.

the highlight of last night for me was the sudden realization that it has been too long since i've spent any significant time in dingy bars and club basements. that needs to change so change it i will. i'll be redoubling my efforts to spend more time catching live acts and you should too. random shows happen every night in larger cities. they may not all be to your taste but with some luck and patience you'll find a few gems.

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