Thursday, March 4, 2010

und wir sind dann helden

swod is the answer to the question, "what do you get when you add one part piano to two parts synthesizer and mix with live accompaniment to silent film?"

oliver doerell & stephan wöhrmann are two german gentlemen that have a long history of recordings and performances under their respective belts. they take their art seriously and spend more time crafting one sound than some song writers spend on albums. the end result is gradually evolving layers of sound that click and pulse and bend in ways that acoustic albums aren't meant to.

sekunden is swod's second album (go figure) and was released in 2007. it's sparse and sad but beautiful...and sad. did i mention the sad? i haven't had the pleasure of listening to their first album gehen but it was explained to me as the aural snippets of forgotten memories and old films that have broken apart. it seems like they have continued this trend with sekunden because it is filled with odd little bits and pieces of conversations draped lovingly over reverb sodden piano. time and space are used brilliantly to glue these seemingly disparate parts together into a whole or to further widen the gap in relevance.

sekunden is one of the albums i used to listen to on the train ride into work. the car was always packed with loud obnoxious people on their black berry or complaining about co-workers. albums like this were perfect for relaxing, blocking everyone else out and enjoying the scenery.

if you're looking for something to unwind to after work, fall asleep to at night or just like music that aches to be dissected and understood then you should go see about swod.

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