Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly...

magic chairs is the latest offering from the four great danes that comprise efterklang (wow, apparently red skelton is writing my jokes now. take my wife, please.) and while it sounds lovely and still has all the earmarks of their earlier work, it sure is poppy.

my attention was immediately drawn to the vocals because they just seemed out of place. not because they don't sit well but i wasn't expecting them as soon as they appeared...or at all really. the previous efterklang albums have lyrics on some of the songs but for the most part they are very well thought out instrumental pieces. they hover somewhere between electronic glitch and neo classical compositions.

magical chairs throws away all the previous electronic influences and strips things down to a more traditional sounding band. there are still some winds and strings but they sound more like kings of convenience these days. that's not a bad thing because i like kings of convenience but it's not the step i was hoping to see them make.

magic chairs is probably a good place to start as it's the most listener friendly of all their albums. there are no tricks. no sweeping orchestral builds that drop off into nothing. what you will get is a good dose of catchy, sing along style tunes to put a smile on your chevy.

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