Friday, March 26, 2010

all around the world it's the same song...

i apparently wrote this drunk off my ass on wednesday night. this is what i found when i looked at this post:

i love my city. it may not be as far out as some others, (New York and Tokyo I'm looking at you) but it has some of the most amazing and random shit imaginable flowing through it.

case in point, gardening, not architecture. l.a. bread electro pop that's more postal service than mika which made it's way here through a friend of a friend of a... and wow.

sarah saturday seems simply stupendous. really. thank you for playing my town and giving me the chance to remember that diy music doesn't have to be angry or exclusive...

and that's where it ended. i either fell asleep or realized that i didn't have the nescesarry brain power to finish the post. there are bits and pieces of this that i now have to deride and downright contradict. i have a love hate relationship with my city. recently i hate it more often than not but that's mainly because i feel trapped here. plus, what's up with the aliteration? i wish i could think up sentences like that sober. maybe a less hoky sentence but still. maybe i'll just drink more often before i write? i'll be hemmingway in no time.

the point of that mess was that you should listen to gardening, not architecture. g,na are currently on tour with crazy diamond check their sites for dates and locations near you.

the show was great. those crazy diamonds sound even better with matt on stage where he belongs playing everything that makes noise at the same time. they also added a great bjork cover to their set. loved it.

gardening, not architecture is sarah saturday and beau sorenson. sarah has been playing solo but they co-wrote the songs. they are catchy and sweet and emotional. the perfect songs for road trips, quiet nights on the couch or just feeling introspective. oh, actually sarah isn't entirely alone, she is accompanied by a pretty kick ass light show sewn into a magic cloth.

the room was almost pitch black save for a lone figure on the stage silhouetted by flashing lights. good times. my friend and i decided that sarah must be gardening and her light show quilt is architecture. they are in love and architecture tries to shield gardening from the horrors of the world. it's a difficult relationship because architecture can only express feelings through the use of different colour combinations. also, we were sober. no really we were.

the moral of the story is, go out and see more live music. you never know who you will run into or if they'll even look you in the eye when you do see them. cryptic? yes. explaining? no.


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