Sunday, February 14, 2010

you and me could write a bad romance

it's alla hjärtens dag or anna howard shaw day to some and that means it's time for a holiday post doesn't it? doesn't everyone blog about valentine's day? are we supposed to comment on the the commericiality of it, layer it in irony or just go along for the ride now? i couldn't tell you anymore. i sold my copy of no logo long ago, irony isn't funny and has finally been exposed as an excuse to have really bad taste and yet going along for the ride still seems wrong. perhaps i haven't entirely outgrown my resistant inner hardcore kid after all.

i'll keep my valentine's day politics to myself and simply say however you decide to spend it resisting, embracing, or ignoring entirely i hope it's a good day. it seems like too many people are having crap days far to often.

oh and here's some music for you. they were angry, young and looking to hurt people both physically and emotionally. (although in reality off-stage they were some of the nicest and most gentle kids i'd met at the time.) you guessed it shai hulud.

this record is the reason i started buying hardcore records. i had a few youth of today and minor threat records but they weren't the same at all. i'd been listening to a fair bit of youth crew style hardcore punk (usually associated with straight edge bands) but shai hulud was an entirely new thing for me. i hadn't been out to see any of the hardcore shows in my friend's city yet and most of the kids in my town were playing west coast skate/surf punk or ska. the metal kids all played in other towns at first. but there i was, standing in the tiniest record store you've ever seen (it was called full blast records.) listening to this record that literally just came out of the newest shipping box and hadn't even made it into inventory yet. i looked at the owner and asked, "what the hell is this and do you have more?" i had goosebumps all over my neck and arms. my friend thought i was crazy but to give it some context he was a big less than jake and dance hall crashers fan. shai hulud was like a punch in the face, partially because you might catch a punch in the face at one of their shows but more because it was just such an aural assault.

hearts once nourished with hope and compassion was the first full length album from these young floridian lads. i can't explain it but there was something about it that just made kids go insane. it lit a fire under people and suddenly everyone was playing crazy off timey, tech, math core. whatever you want to call it and whether or not they started it, helped bring it to other people or were just riding the wave of acts to come doing similar things is all up to debate but the point is this record changed everything for me. i started dressing differently, thinking differently and started going to all those metal shows in other towns.

to this day shai hulud is one of my favourite bands and probably always will be. if it wasn't for them i'm not sure what i'd be doing these days. seriously. i probably wouldn't have started playing drums and i'm sure i would have stopped going to shows a lot sooner. these guys opened my ears and mind to a world of new things and for that i'll always be thankful. i am also thankful for the fact that it is a loud record because i used to listen to this to fall asleep to when there were things going on that i didn't want to hear.

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