Friday, February 5, 2010

who do you seek kids?

umc's "fruits of nature" was right near the front end of my growing rap collection. recorded in 1991 they had some steady play with their single "blue cheese". like most of their rhymes the song was somewhat nonsensical with underlying tones of what people would later be called "conscious rap".

i really came across them by chance like most rap acts back then. if it wasn't for them hosting an episode of "rap city" with michael williams then i probably wouldn't have ever seen them. their video wasn't aired often on much but it was enough to get me out and buy the album.i played the hell out of this tape on my way back and forth from school. my walk was about 30-45 minutes to school so i got to listen to pretty much the entire album every day until i wore the thing out. it was whimsical and fun but tight and well put together. it was a shame that their second album released three years later pulled what so many new rap acts did and that was to pretend they were actually street hardened criminals.

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