Friday, January 1, 2010

for self assigned penance for problems with easy solutions...

and what did you do for new year's eve?

if you're like most people you gussied yourself up, hopped into a vehicle of some sort and made your way to an event bursting with liquor, music, people and all the joy and sorrow that the new year has to bring.

how was your year? honestly. i'm all ears.

i thought about doing a count down or top however many or something to try and wrap up the year in a little bow and i realized that my heart just isn't in it. while i do enjoy helping people find out about new and exciting, or old and exciting pieces of media i've started to think that maybe, just maybe the tried and true, "last year's top..." lists are a tired concept. perhaps instead of looking at the year that has just passed we should pay more attention to making the coming year even better.

so that's what i'm doing. while there were a great many things that happened last year i'm quite happy to put in on the shelf like so many old forgotten year books.

c'mon 2010. let's see what you're made of.

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