Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lemme get a chop at this lumba

goodie mob were one of the first real "dirty south" rap groups. there were other groups coming out of atlanta but goodie mob followed in the foot steps of the getto boys and were contemporaries of outkast before dre went all crazy with the production bug. this was also the first time i had the pleasure of hearing cee lo's voice. i'm not a gnarls barkley fan but cee lo is fantastic no matter where you put him and it's been interesting watching his career evolve since 1995.

goodie mob (the good die mostly over bullshit) were all about the message their music held. they were political in a grass roots way. they spoke about their life and experiences and it was easy to tell they weren't lying about them. there was no bravado and they weren't proud to tell stories about being arrested, selling drugs or being shot at. they tell stories about their families and friends and the politics of the music industry and they manage to do it without flashing gold, spinning rims or pouring champagne on scantily clad ladies.

there were a number of really good tracks on soul food with a little guest vocal from andre 3000 on thought process. my favourites are probably thought process, cell therapy and soul food but i can't think of a single track that i don't like for one reason or another.

i'm sad to say this was the only goodie mob album i ever owned. they went through a few line up changes and the third album just didn't have the same feel to it. after cee lo and big gip left t-mo and khujo were back to the original duo the lumberjacks. i still kick myself for not buying that album when it came out.

i'm not sure what this album meant to me but it holds an interesting place in my heart. in 95 i was living in a new city that was about an hour drive away from everything i knew. an hour doesn't sound like much when you're old enough to drive but when your a kid and your only option is three plus hours of transit, making the trek wasn't an easy option. i spent a lot of time on buses and trains going back and forth to my old school to see my friends. i actually spent more time in class at my old school then i did at my new one. six hours a day at least three times a week i would hop on a bus and listen to tape after tape until i got home. groups like goodie mob and souls of mischief kept me sane because they were a link back to what i felt i'd been forced to leave behind. i hated school but i went because of the friends i made there. i hated the new school almost as much as i hated the people in it which is why i never went.

i guess that answers my question. soul food spoke to me of community, family and brotherhood which were things that i felt i was sorely lacking at the time. looking back on that time it's quite easy to see that some of the best experiences of my life happened in and around that time or as a direct result of it. if i hadn't met the people that i did at my new school my life would probably be remarkably different today. i wouldn't be writing this blog for one thing and while i'm sure i would still have a deep love and appreciation for music, i wouldn't be playing it.

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