Monday, January 18, 2010

je ton amor

so you're probably going to laugh at this but i can't get lady ga ga's song "bad romance" out of my head.

i was bored last weekend and she popped up on one of those msn news posts and i thought, "what the hell. i really don't know enough about her to form an opinion." so i watched some videos and i'm confident in the knowledge that i still don't like her music. it's still a thinly veiled, poor woman's madonna but it is well produced and catchy as hell. her videos are a mix of bowie and jackson in that couture meets short film kind of way which you have to hand it to her, like the outfits or not, she's got a style to her videos that force you to pay attention or look away and that's a pretty powerful bit of media that can do that.

that's it. that's what's been consuming most of my brain power lately.

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