Wednesday, December 9, 2009

shine on you crazy diamond

crazy diamond is the brainchild of connor lovat-fraser and regan brennan helped brought to life by matt davis. connor mentioned after crazy diamond's first show, "i hope it sounded like a full band and not just two people and a computer." matt joined shortly after that show on bass but with connor and regan on guitar and vocals and mac book filling in on drums crazy diamond put on an honest, heartfelt show that leaves little room to do more than just sit back and enjoy.

i find many people are quick to dismiss bands that have a computer on stage for a number of reasons. true, some groups just shadow play while the whole thing streams out of itunes. true, i've caught more djs than i care to admit checking their email during a "performance". the question is, have you ever played with a computer backing before? it's hard as hell unless you're used to playing to a click track. once you're out, it becomes instantly noticeable so you have to hand it to a group that can do it and make it sound natural. crazy diamond are one of the few bands i've seen that can pull this off.

there's an odd juxtaposition between regan's vocals and the lyrical content of crazy diamond's music. regan's voice has a cute, sweet quality to it that seems to make lyrics like, "Keep this sandy shore.Take it. It's yours. I'll keep the floor boards.You'll pace back and forth.Your place is haunted by ghosts from the sea floor.", cut that much deeper because pain shouldn't sound so happy. you kind of want to bundle that voice up and protect it from harm. connor sits at the other end of the spectrum quite comfortably. this is a lad that's spent the vast majority of his musical career peeling peoples faces off with screams and wails so it's no surprise that his voice is full of the same emotion and power even when he's singing softly.

i'm just going to say it, the ep kicks ass. it's the kind of album that makes muscians say, "why aren't i making music like this?" and fans ask, "when will there be more and where can i buy it?"

these are sickly sweet tunes for the loved and loveless. there's pain in spades but what's love without passion? there seems to be and ebb and flow to the album that follows a relationship. sometimes things are good and we're happy you're near. sometimes things are awful and we just wish you'd understand and leave us alone. whatever side of the fence your love life tends to find itself on, this is the kind of music that helps make it better by showing the light at the end of the tunnel or being the sympathetic shoulder that says you're not the only one that's been through this.

you can get your greasy mits on the ep here and if you ask really nicely, magic elves will hook you up with their musical treats for a nominal fee. also, rotate this has them for you anti-internetters.

happy kwanzaa!

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