Monday, November 2, 2009

dreamer, you're nothin but a dreamer. can you put your head in your hands, oh no!

it's been a too long since i've posted anything. part of that is because i don't have internet at home at the moment. the other part is because i haven't been all that inspired to write. mostly internet.

ok mostly not inspired.

having said that, i've recently stumbled upon a blog that made me realize how much a need a new camera. i have a small POS ("point and shoot", not "piece of shit") made by panasonic and it gets the job done in fine style as long as you don't want to mess about with things like manual settings or perhaps take a photo with some kind of life in it. i'm tired of it and i wish some kind soul would buy me a new one. since that isn't going to happen i'll have to just go out and buy one for myself. that will take significantly longer.

i spent a looooooong time behind the lens in high school and university. i all but stopped taking stills when uni started but the theories remained the same. good lighting and an interesting composition and you'll take good photos every time. i've always enjoyed the fly on the wall school of still photography and tried for that approach with motion as well. it's a lot harder to be inconspicuous with a movie camera and the end result generally tends to look rather shoddy.

so here's the deal, i buy a new camera and you join me for a bit of fun. i'm thinking that i need to get people out and around and doing things more often. there need to be more parties attended, more picnics had, more brunches and roof top drinks. there will be more travelling to do in the near future i'm sure, i just need to get my traveling fund back up to a healthy sum.

so what do you say? join me for a show or a pint? a dance or a skulk? bring a friend or three and we'll make it a thing.

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amberdexterous said...

sad that you didn't bring your camera out when we were in toronto. there are NO photos of us.

hurry up and get that fund into the healthy "visit amber and joel" range :D