Monday, November 9, 2009

all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey...

it's not the prettiest of seasons right now eventhough i absolutely love the fall. it's warmer than normal and raining just as often which is double edged. who the hell wants humidity in november?

new music though. sweet sweet (and not so sweet) new music. it's been a while since i posted anything that i've been listening to so here's a new one for you that i've really been enjoying. beef terminal's the isolationist came out in 2003 and sadly i'm just getting to it now.

it's a little more shoegazey then i normally listen to but i keep coming back to it which is always a good sign for me. i can normally tell if i like an album by listening to the first 5-20 seconds of each song. sometimes more, most of the time less. it's a skill that you pick up when you're given piles of cds to review on a regular basis and you literally don't have time to listen to them all. you cheat. it's mean and sneaky and one out of one thousand times you miss eight seconds of genius hidden in the middle of a crap song on a crap album and you hate yourself for missing that eight seconds, but you needed the sleep and you're getting paid the same amount no matter what you say about it. ahhhh the politics of magazine reviews.

also, beef terminal is michael matheson from toronto, ontario. beef terminal started back in 95 which is possibly before you were born but more than likely long before you were hip and cool enough to be listening to things like this. unless you were one of the artsy kids in high school/grade school/pre school/the womb. if you were in college at the time and you're reading this, sweet, i'm making new friends. welcome and tell me about yourself. (i keep diverging from my actual point in this post for some reason. i'm blaming it on low blood sugar and my desire to hunt down a pint.)

to sum up, it's good. go buy it and his other works.

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