Monday, October 19, 2009

a still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise but a galaxy rise.

quick post cause i gotta run but a friend of mine was good enough to share this link with me and while i'm not a youtuber, every once in a while some cool stuff finds it's way into my eyes and ears.

carl sagan and stephen hawking represent! what! make dat hypothesis, take dat hypothesis ain't nobody eva break dat hypothesis.

now that i've proven once again that i'm a total nerd, this song is odd as hell but one of the coolest things i've seen in a long time.

i don't know if this is supposed to be a joke or an actual tribute like colorpulse suggests but the billy mayes "tribute" he's made seems to hint it might be a joke. either way, it's amazing and i've had it on repeat for the last two hours. i don't listen to songs on repeat because it's a great way to ruin a song. having said that i can't get enough of this thing.

have a listen and let me know what you think. there are links for download at the end of the video. good times.

Friday, October 16, 2009

get illuminated cause the old state starts to rust

you know me. i hate things that other people like. not to say that once other people start liking something i like i start to hate it but that has happened on occasion. i can't help it. i'm just one of those people that starts to lose interest in something once everyone else is doing it. (yes i see the irony in talking about how much of an individual i am in a blog.) my point is that i have never needed anyone else's opinion to help steer me towards things that i felt were worth my attention. i spend stupid amounts of time scouring the planet for music, films, art, clothing or whatever and if it speaks to my sensibilities, i try and hop on it as fast as i can. i find that when creative things are taken out, paraded and flogged, as they so often are in the mainstream media, they start to lose whatever their original message was very quickly. to sum up my opinion; mainstream = banal and generally crappy. niche interests = a pure gamble that span the gamut of life changing to "holy shit that's awful, burn it burn it now" and are looked on as pretentious. i'll take pretentious gamble over banality thank you very much.

having said that, pitchfork for some strange reason has become the end all be all of music reviews for sometime now and i really don't get it at all. why does the opinion of a handful of johnny come lately, third string scenesters seem to count as the gospel on music these days? i regularly see reviews for music that is fully yesterdays news by the time it gets on their site jammed with words like, "when i got around to listening to their major label debut" which means, "i don't know who these guys are but this cd was dropped on my desk and then i googled them and downloaded their eight album back catalogue so now i have an opinion about them even though i've never seen them live and don't know anyone that has."

yes the argument can be made that most critics are on the third or fourth string list of who gets to discover something these days because most publications won't let them write about the cool new act they saw at some dingy club last wednesday. instead they have to write about what they find in their in-box because it's safe and people have heard of it. i do not however buy this argument because that's a really easy way to get away with a doing the least amount of work possible. this is a website where the staff will write about what they had for dinner the night they listened to an album instead of the actual album because they think they're funny, witty and have the final say on what frat boy douche bags should be listening to.

yes this is a tirade. no i'm not sorry (ok, i'm a little sorry) that you've been swept into my friday afternoon anger management because the upside is that you should go out and buy the new(ish) as tall as lions album, you can't take it with you.

if you haven't heard of them then shame on you. if you have heard of them then why haven't you told the people you know about them? yes this only helps to perpetuate the circle of influence this band has by bringing them closer and closer to a point where people that like to keep our precious bands in our pockets so no one else can get at them are suddenly forced to give them up and move on so mainstream audiences can enjoy their goodness, but really that happened a while ago to these lads and they deserve big crowds of people showing up at their shows. they're a solid group with catchy as hell songs. they might be a little too melancholic at times but that's been the trend for a lot longer than i've been alive so who am i to judge?

this was a messy post. run on sentences. fragments. bleh. i'm tired and can't be bothered to spell check.

go buy some music. it will make both of us feel better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

heel up, wheel up, bring it back come rewind

i've been unpacking for what seems like two years now. it hasn't been, but because i've moved a few times in the last year it seems like everything i own has been sitting in boxes for a long long time. the upside is that unpacking can actually be fun because you get to rediscover your personal history as told through keep sakes, old clothing and most importantly for me, music.

it will take some jury rigging in order to get this stuff posted but i found a few tapes that seem like the logical next step in my musical journey. i'm not going to say what they are now because it will be a tease for some people and be a direct call for ridicule from others. let's just say they're old tapes so the quality won't be great.

i felt like i should post something since it's been a little while. i'm trying to keep this a routine thing so it doesn't fall by the wayside like so many other projects do. i'd like to make this a little more interactive though and have people post their musical past and present.

the following albums that spring to mind helped shape my tastes and directly effected who i've become today. here they are in as close a chronological order as i can remember

1. simon & garfunkel - sound of silence

2. the police - synchronicity

3. genesis - invisible touch (specifically the instrumental track "the brazillian")

4. various artists - krush groove soundtrack

5. dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - rock the house

6. dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince - he's the dj, i'm the rapper

7. the fat boys - s/t

8. digital underground - this is an e.p. release

9. public enemy - fear of a black planet

10. bdp - criminal minded

11. the pharcyde - a bizarre ride to...

12. das efx - straight from da sewer

13. chris sheppard - techno trip

14. white label - street fighter techno remix

15. y'all so stupid - van full of pakistans

16. some five disc detroit house comp that blew my mind

17. nofx - i heard they suck live

18. various artists - inflight program (revhq # 50)

19. ignite - in my time

20. chick corea - touchstone

21. no fun at all - out of bounds

22. chickenpox - thursday night at mickey cohen's

23. shai hulud - hearts once nourished with hope and compassion

24. fugazi - 13 songs

25. the smiths - somehow hollow

26. rainer maria - past worn searching

27. mos def - black on both sides

28. some random dark rave album that i can't remember the name of at all

29. burial - untrue

30. color pulse - carl sagan "a glorious dawn ft. stepehn hawking cosmos mix" (not an album but holy shit has this blown my mind) *new addition on oct 20th*

it starts to get pretty fuzzy at this point. from here i started listening to bands like bane, braid, sunny day real estate, jimmy eat world, cradle of filth, mortiis, iced earth, harkonen, dillenger escape plan (was the second show in a place called who's emma that totally destroyed me. literally. they stabbed me with a metal gibson flying V. the first band i saw at that hole in the ground was shai hulud. it's too bad who's emma was run by douche bag 16 year old arm chair anarchists. the place was broken into and literally everything was taken. while that was a shitty thing to do i have to say that there weren't many kids in the scene that actually felt bad. i've gone completely off track there but yeah...)

if i can remember more or if one hits me in the future i'll add it to the list.

i've also decided to stop worrying about paragraph spacing on this stupid site because it will do whatever the hell it likes no matter how much screwing with the html i do.

Friday, October 2, 2009

it takes two, it takes two, me and you...

or in this case and old and a new.

tried a new layout.

yay? nay?