Tuesday, September 8, 2009

you load sixteen gigs and what do you get...

the answer of course is about four days or so of continuous music.

if you know me or have read my posts regarding downloading music then you know i'm again'it and t'ain't fer'it dad gummit. the problem with that stance is how hard it's become to a: find new music and b: audition it for more than a pathetic thirty second clip. you may be like me and enjoy songs that are anywhere between four to fifteen minutes if not longer. thirty seconds is just about enough for most of those songs to fade in but no where near enough time to actually get an idea of what the song is about. so (and here's my moment of hypocrisy) i think that downloading music is a viable option if you're doing it to preview an album. i have no problems with listening to an album and if i don't like it, tossing it away. if i plan on keeping it then i hunt it down and buy a physical copy whenever possible.

with that explained let me now regale you with the vast amount of music i've managed to find in the last few days. i have spent easily three or four days digging. this is a pass time that has all but died out save for some djs and audiophiles. it's a shame because i spent a good portion of my late teens and early twenties digging and now it looks like everyone just opens a new google page and voila; new music. there's something about dusty old record shops and yard sales that just screams "GOLD!!!" to me. if you're one of those people that has let that excitement creep out of your listening experiences and you find that you only listen to mp3s on an ipod then you have my deepest sympathies.

seriously though, last night i was giggling and dancing like a child when i finally got a chance to start listening to some of my latest finds. i damn near wet myself when i started listening to
alarm will sound and their acoustica album. they've taken a smattering of aphex twin's more popular songs and transcribed them for a twenty piece orchestra. cock/ver 10 is the kind of piece that human drummers shouldn't be able to play and they've managed it. insane.

another spectacular find was actually handed to me by my friend ben, known in some circles as gentle ben, i have long since admired his musical leanings. i love sitting with him and talking about music because he has such a wide range of musical tastes and in depth knowledge of those styles and musicians. we will easily from our love for reggae and our different opinions of the misogynistic and homophobic lyrical content of dance hall, to how mastodon's crack the skye might easily be their softest album yet. we'll probably talk shit about hip hop and pop punk in there somewhere as well. whatever the conversation holds i'm never surprised when we introduce each other to a new band. this time it was shuggie otis.

there's just no other way to say it but shuggie brings the funk like twelve week old socks. i've heard people talk about shuggie in that, "he could have been the next hendrix" way that people do. he turned down the rolling stones because he had "his own sound" that he was working on. turned down the stones! that's brassy. not that i like the stones but if they were looking to replace charlie and said, "hey you want to be our new drummer?" i'm sure i could suck it up for a tour or three and rest my head on the piles of money that came with changing keith's diapers.

that's literally the tip of the ice burg. i mean don't even get me started on glen porter. sigh...i'll post some pictures and links and such and if it looks like people are actually reading this i might just have to start linking albums. we'll see. it only seems fair given my earlier mention of hard to come by preview material. what i'd really like to do is give unknown musicians looking for exposure a little help. so if you're a musician and you're looking for more avenues to get your music out there we should talk.

on that note, a bientot.

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Sprockette said...

i know exactly how you feel. i get so inspired by new music, it's almost like putting on a different life.