Saturday, September 19, 2009

one for all, and all for one!

so here's the first cd i ever bought.

i used to live in a neighbourhood that was literally a stones throw away from a street populated by almost every kid that ever broke into a house, stole a car, a bike or mugged someone. funnily enough, i went to school with almost all of them and was friends with a good number of them. the down side was three of those little shits broke into my house and stole what kids normally steal, tvs, cash and other easily pocketd/carried crap. my father's cd player was one of these things. after a quick inventory of what was missing and an insurance cheque my father decided it was time to go out and replace some stuff. i went with him to buy back some of the albums they took and while we were out he said, "go pick something." i didn't have anything to play cds on and knew the only time i'd get to listen to one would be sneaking into his room when he wasn't home and playing it on his stereo. i got one anyway.

y'all so stupid: van full of pakistans was the only rap cd in the store and believe me, i searched hard. how this obscure group of lads from atlanta managed to end up in this weird ass bulk music store is beyond me because it was the only copy they had. they had one video that was played on rap city a handful of times and then they vanished. none of my friends knew who they were or could find the album but they all taped it or borrowed it and i of course got mad props for being the kid with the best music. those were good times.

while i don't particularly enjoy albums that are mostly about getting high, something about y'all so stupid really struck a chord with me. maybe it was because it was only the second group from the south that i'd heard. the first was the ghetto boys and for those of you that aren't familiar with either group it's kind of like comparing the darkness to metallica. they made similar kinds of music but one group is just having a laugh while the other is singing about killing you. y'all so stupid were just plain fun and silly and every few songs there was a message hidden in there.

i realized not so long ago just how many people loved this album but either lost their copy or couldn't find it in the first place. it's the kind of thing that i would like to see get a re-press but that's unlikely as the fans probably don't number high enough to off-set the cost.


Gavin said...

I remember swiping this to listen to from my younger brother!

Laura said...

Ha! Before reading the post, I just looked at the cover for a while and felt sure it was a joke. This is the kind of thing I dream of picking up at a thrift store, but nothing has ever come close to this gold.

Mumei said...

i didn't know that you listened to this gav. that's awesome!