Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's time you made amends, look in the mirror my friend.

since i gave a little auto-biographical detail for the first cd i thought i should add a bit for the digital underground post. i bought this album at this amazing little record shop in toronto in the beach (or beaches depending on what side of the fence you sit with this asinine debate). the had more tapes than i had ever seen at the ripe old age of eleven(maybe twelve?) and were one of the first places i had seen that had a rap section. i was in heaven.

whilst in heaven, i took a heavy verbal shit kicking from my father for listening to "noise". he would say things like, "they can't even sing and it's just loud and angry." i'm sure my grandfather said similar things about his crazy long haired hippy music. needless to say digital underground and the second tape i bought, public enemy's: fear of a black planet were not music in his eyes and i was more than happy about it.

hip hop cemented itself as my favourite genre of music from the ages eleven to seventeen. at some point i started listening to house and techno because my friend sean got big into clubbing. he was the reason i started listening to electronic music of all kinds. if it wasn't for him i would have missed out on clubs, raves and some of the most interesting music to grace my ears till the age of eighteen.
i know some of you are probably of the opinion that clubs and raves were worth missing out on and i feel sorry for you if that is the case. you might not like dancing or the music that is generally associated with clubs or the people that are usually found at clubs but these broad generalizations might just have kept you from having some of the most fun nights of your life. more on that at a later date.

my love affair with hip hop has come and gone over the years for various reasons but i'm glad it was where i started. i still remember sitting in my room with my brother singing along to simon and garfunkle's sound of silence. while it may seem like an odd jump in tastes, hip hop opened the doors to funk, ska, reggae, soul and eventually an appreciation for classic rock.

so if you hadn't guessed at this point, i'm going to start doing things in an auto-biographical nature. yes this idea was indirectly jacked from a scene in high fidelity but it's a damn good idea as it helps me take a look at where i came from and where i'm going both in listening to and writing music.

more stories to come. i hope you enjoy the trip.

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