Thursday, September 10, 2009

it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine

after a handful of conversations with a handful of people i have decided that i'm going to start linking music.

what's been stopping me up to this point is my overwhelming dislike for downloading music without any intent on buying the album. i don't see any problem with downloading an album to preview it though. if it's no good, it's trashed. if it's worth keeping, it's worth paying for because i obviously enjoyed it.

having said that, i'd like to try and link things that are either hard to find or are out of print entirely. you don't need me to help you find the newest godspeed you black emperor. you should already know about them and if you don't you should now go listen to them and then buy their stuff.

so here's me first link. the password is that book

i thought it would be appropriate to up one of the first albums i ever bought. digital underground have been around for a looooooooooooooong time now. they were a pretty standard west coast rap group when they appeared in the late 80s. one of the little known (unless you were a fan of course) facts was that this is the group that gave a young dancin fool by the name of tupac amaru shakur his first real shot on the mic.

this is an e.p. release was the second offering from d.u. but in my humble opinion was a much better album than sex packets. while sex packets had the break out single humpty dance, e.p. release was featured on the sound track of the dan akroyd, chevy chase, john candy and demi moore (wtf?) film, nothing but trouble. the full d.u. band find themselves in akroyd's court on a traffic offence and end up playing a few songs. comic gold...ok the film was shit but this was an interesting thing to see for a group with no real pull in hollywood showing up in an incredibly obscure (read: awful) film starring some of the whitest white people on the planet. the mind boggles at who put that all together but it makes for some fun youtube watching.

e.p. release and the follow up album son's of the p are far and away two of my favourtie hip hop albums of all. let me know what you think.

for my next offering i'll be keeping with the "firsts" theme and share the first cd i ever bought.

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Laura said...

YAY! I like this idea of linking! Despite your reservations about privacy etc., I wanna listen to what you're writing about.