Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i just don't feel fine unless i have my wine

kettel, not to be confused with ketel one (although both are lovely), recently released his tenth album myam james 2. born in the netherlands and raised on a diet of camping, music and magic, he's been steadily releasing albums since 2001, touring and playing festivals. to have ten albums and ten e.p.s at this stage in the game is pretty awe inspiring since it takes most groups their entire career to release four or five, if they can stay together long enough that is.

from what little of his work i've heard so far he has a certain etheral quality to his music. i've heard some people describe his music as "folky" or "organic" and i wouldn't quite go that far on either lable but he does have an odd ebb and flow to his work that lends nicely to sitting back and relaxing while you just take it in.
the cover art is beautiful but i haven't had the chance to track down the artist yet. the inside of the album is even prettier than the outside. love it.
well that's all i gots for this one really. i've only had a chance to listen to it once so far and it's hooked me already. i'm sure i'd have a much more indepth analysis if it had been on repeat for a week but i'm not getting paid to write about music these days so expect some of the write ups to be short and sweet. it's nice when you can make your own deadlines and article lengths.

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