Tuesday, August 4, 2009

inner city life. inner city pressure taking over me.

it would seem that i'm not the only person that was chuffed to see goldie take a kick at the classical can. "classic goldie" is a new show about goldie attempting to compose a classical piece of music in the hopes that the bbc concert orchestra will play it for the proms upcoming season.

i've only seen bits and pieces of the show at this point but i'm interested in how this will go down. goldie's composition style is unlike any other musician i've ever seen. this is a man with little to no understanding of even basic musical theory but has incredibly complex arrangements at times. his arrangements are all written down on paper in what looks more like a systems process chart. there are numerous off shoots of the "body" of sound where filters and delays and re-triggers should take place with arrows and what not pushing back into the work flow. it's intense seeing something like and trying to figure out how i would play it if it were handed to me.

i'm not sure how long the show is airing but i'll post again when i've seen more. till then, if you're a classical fan or an electro-acoustic fan you might want to check the show out simply to see how similar the two styles of music really are.

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