Friday, July 3, 2009

let us at last praise, the colonizers of dreams

you may have heard me mention this on facebook but i may have mentioned it here as well, i can't remember. mecho - the style black book (linked to the right and at the bottom of the page) is a lovely little site by a lovely young lady i met waaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in november whilst globe trotting.

the site focuses on all things style related from clothing to art to gadgets, it's got it all.

what makes me particularly happy about this is that yen, the founder of the site, asked lil' ol me to write for it. i will be reporting on gadgets and things design related. i'll probably end up writing about video games, toys for big boys, and why the iphone 3gs is less exciting than a root canal.

feel free to have a look. i'm one of a handful of contributors to this site and from the sounds of it there seems to be a heavy emphasis on fashion writing so far so i'm glad i can help mix it up by writing about something else.

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Sprockette said...

oooh looks like an interesting project. bookmarked!