Thursday, May 14, 2009

i ain't no politician, i am a citizen

i'm actually trying to wrap my head around ACTA. this is an agreement i mentioned a while back about the G8 nations getting together and deciding that it was wholly within their right to give border guards and police the power to randomly search anyone they want on suspicion that they might have pirated media on them. this agreement is still being tabled and hasn't been formalized in any legally binding language as of yet but from what i've read so far it's fucking scary.

now i know i'm in the minority these days because i actually pay for the media that i listen to/watch/read/play. call me a sucker but i don't get how people can be fans of something and not give a shit about the person that made that art in the first place. you've heard the argument before about how if you don't pay for *insert product here* then the people that made it don't get paid and they can't make more of the thing that you love so much in the first place. i know most people don't care because they really aren't intelligent enough to understand that just because it's on the internet it doesn't mean you should steal it. not that people aren't intelligent they just don't want to take the ten seconds to think about what they're really doing. it's thanks to these people that we have wonderful things like streaming video and music to look forward to. the idea sounds great doesn't it? hot and cold running tv/radio from your internet but that means that you don't actually get to own any of it. you'll be tethered to some sort of player that only streams the things that get approved by the company providing that service so you only get to hear what "they" want you to hear. i can't imagine why that doesn't sound like a great idea.

now let's hop back to the real world where people have different tastes and desires. a place where all the colours get to shine through no matter how bright or dull they turn out to be and no one can tell you what you get to listen to except you. which side would you like to be on? the side with choice but you have to pay for that choice, which is only fair since the people providing that choice are performing a service, or the inevitable banality that will come from having repositories of music stored by large "for profit" companies that will make you pay for their service as well but you have a fraction of the choice?

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