Monday, February 9, 2009

life is what you make it

this is my first post of the new year! haha...crap.

so far, i found a home, set up music listening/writing equipment, put together my couch and have cooked several meals. now if only i had a storage spot for the umpteen cds and dvds i own. i'm hoping to get some people in for drinks but that might not happen if i can't get the crap off my floor.


amberdexterous said...

huzzah! he returns triumphantly. it's good to see you blogging again sir.

hope all is well.


Mumei said...

well is all as all can be well? things are going and that's all that matters. i was feeling more than a little stagnant.

what's the deal with you coming to our fine land for the summer months? have you figured out living arrangements? you guys's are more than welcome to crash here but i warn you now, it's small.