Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i think i'm turning japanese i really think so...

kaito's special life was released in 2002 by the good people at kompakt. while it seems a little dated now, listening to it five years ago would have been interesting. sadly, i don't know anyone that was ever really into kompakt releases so i can't ask opinions, but judging by what i was listening to and what i was avoiding listening to, special life was a good hop ahead of the curve.

it wasn't a ground breaking album and most of the reviews i've read of it make it sound far worse than it actually was. it's a shame really because it's actually really fucking good. i've heard words like "cheesy" used to describe this album and i'm not sure where that comes from. yes, there is a definite tried and true style to the album that borrows from a long line of poppy house, but i don't think it was an attempt at irony. by looking at the cover of the album it seems fairly obvious that this album is supposed to be lighthearted and fun. perhaps as if coming from the mind of a child instead of a seasoned musician.

i was listening to this album on the train this morning. i just bought it last night and i really like listening to new things on my morning commute. more importantly, i like listening to things that are soft and relaxing on my morning commute. i caught myself thinking how interesting it is that i like this kind of music. if you were to ask my friends what i listen to, most of them would respond with some kind of rock or metal. the people that know me well would say everything. the people that know me really well would say everything including house and country. i don't know what it is about house music that gets me. house is in itself, cheesy music. it's lighthearted party fare made popular by underground gay clubs in the 80s and brought to the masses by way of innocuous acts like moby, dee-lite and armin van buuren (just a few among a vast list that are just as guilty for helping make house as bland as it's become.) i love it though. i love the fact that i'm not supposed to think about world peace or aids in africa or any other shit that's going on in the world. i can just sit back and let it wash over me or if i'm feeling really crazy, dance. this is a big thing since i can count on one hand the number of friends i have that have seen me dance.
my point is that this album is far from the banal nature that plagues so many discs like it these days. the fact that it was made six years ago makes it even stranger. it has elements of what would later become a signature sound in german house but keeps to a solid foundation of ealy to mid 90s drum patterns. i can't say i was expecting anything like it when i heard the promo clips on emusic. if you happen to be a fan of house, or just like electronic music with a happy bounce to it, check out special life.

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amberdexterous said...

do i HAVE to check it out? sheesh, you're so dang demanding eric, one would wonder why i'm friends with you :P