Thursday, August 28, 2008

i read a book about a man who made mistakes all of the time...

Some Racing, Some Stopping.
the headlights have a sort of arcade fire thing going on but please don't hold that against them. they're actually very good. also, i fucking hate arcade fire but that really isn't the point...fucking arcade fire...anyway, the point is that this album kicks mad ass in the softest way possible. i don't care if that makes sense. eat it.

i really don't know much about this band i have to admit. normally i check up and read whatever i can find about a band before i start to tell people about them. how can you make an informed opinion without any information? this time for some reason i just decided to say screw it though because i just like them that much. i'm not really a new-folk kind of guy. most of the time i hate these bands because they lack any sort of personality. something about the headlights gets me though. i wish i could explain it better.

short and sweet.

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