Monday, July 14, 2008

my own worst enemy...

question: have you ever downloaded a song, file, movie, etc from the internet that wasn't paid for? have you ever ripped a cd and put it on your mp3 player? have you downloaded a picture from online that you didn't own the copyright to and stored it on the hard drive of your laptop or phone? then our incredibly intelligent prime minister would like to make sure you get fucked at the border for trying to travel out of the country with "illegally" obtained digital material.

you may have heard about this and if you haven't then you should call and harass your MP as often as possible about this, but the harper government has been trying to get the other world leaders at the g8 summit to agree to an international law allowing border guards to search everything on your laptop, phone, pda or any other electronic device that can store media to make sure you aren't breaking copyright laws. if that sounds completely ridiculous than it should because only an idiot would think that stopping every single person in a line up for a flight of any kind, or at a border crossing just to make sure you haven't downloaded an mp3 that you didn't pay for or copied a text file to notepad is an acceptable measure in fighting digital piracy.

none of the articles i've read have much detail about the plan but all of them seem to agree that enforcing something like this is impossible. we already wait for hours in lines to get onto planes for check in and bag check and so on, now we'll be expected to show up even earlier so they can check every single file for copyright ownership. so how do you prove that the mp3s on your phone were purchased on itunes or another site if they aren't tagged with drm (like the vast majority of websites that sell downloads legally)? how do you prove that the photos you took on vacation of your friends are yours and weren't downloaded from a tourist site? are we expected to carry receipts of all media purchases with us? will we be forced to start using tapes again?

link, will help to explain and after you've read it please feel free to contact this man (if you live in ontario)
Dalton McGuinty, Premier Legislative Building Queen's Park Toronto ON M7A 1A1

or you can reach him through this
link and let mr. mcguinty know that this goes beyond copy right law and is a direct violation of your privacy rights.

oh, you might be interested in reading this
article as well. it has more links to people that need to be reminded that times have changed and they need to keep up with technology and new methods of delivery of information not accuse everyone that owns an ipod of being a thief.

i can understand their side of things though. bullshit lobby groups in the states have put pressure on our government to "get on side" with their draconian laws and since harper is a good little lapdog he said, "sure thing mr. american interest." they've been pushed to form a new digital copyright act that will allow the riaa to sue the shit out of canadians for breaking copyright. oh, and they want to make sure that you can't even put a copy of cds you've purchased legally on your mp3 player or computer. basically, they want to outlaw mp3s legal or otherwise because they don't know how to stop people from downloading. for gods sake don't tell them that there are other codecs out there.

seriously, i know we're all a bunch of apathetic layabouts but are you really going to let someone take away something that defines every aspect of your life whether you realize it or not? we're not just talking about music here, this is about your privacy and defending yourself from a law that automatically assumes that just because you own a device with digital storage capabilities you are a thief. let's not even start down the road this opens as far as what personal information border guards can view on your laptop and save for "review" at a later date.

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wow, i'm totally fucked if this law ever comes into practice. i'm thinking it won't, otherwise i'm gonna have to bust some srs caps.
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