Thursday, July 17, 2008

god save the queen

i've just realized that there are only three bands in the uk that play radio friendly, main stream music. one is radiohead the second is cold play and the third is ALL THE FUCKING REST OF THEM!!!!

it's as if 7/8ths of the musicians in the region have all been going to the same weekend clinic on how to write a pop song. "awright lads, first off, yer got ter get yer summa dem skinny jeans. scruff out yer mop and get yer a hat, maybe a porkpie or summat. when dat's done, listen ter me cd and copy it song fer song. bam, robert's yer faver's bruva."

no seriously, i've had the misfortune of watching the line up of one of the big festival's in london and you might as well have just asked the same band to change shirts and come back on stage after each set. is it just me or does it seem a little pathetic that the only bands to stand out were from everywhere but the uk with the exception of hot chip and goldfrapp. this fest almost made madonna seem original. geezus.

london, call me when you remember how to write a song that is more interesting than, "my body is your body...if you want to use my body, go for it!"

that's all i'm sayin is all.

(ed note: yes i'm aware that we are scientists are american. sod off.)

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