Friday, June 20, 2008

we know of an ancient radiation, that haunts dismembered constellations...

if you haven't already heard of go take a look at it now. if you don't want another site keeping track of your personal information in the form of play lists and such, or you don't want other cool and not so cool people suggesting fucking amazing and mostly not so fucking amazing music, then don't check it out.

so there.

this site has been a good reminder of shit that i haven't listened to in years, or never really gave a chance in the first place. sure it's chock a block with 14 year olds that think the latest girl sensation on capitol actually makes good music, but there's some super cool ass shit on there that you will NEVER hear about anywhere else without digging for weeks on end for shit that you have never heard of in languages you don't speak. don't get me wrong, you still have to dig and that's always been one of the most fun parts of finding new music. i've been in the dusty old record stores and yard sales and you name it for weeks to find that one album that will slay you right then and there and since the internet made digging as easy as typing a genre into a search engine all the fun of the hunt has vanished.

if you happen to wander over and find yourself with an account, you can find me at

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