Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scott Pilgrim

the book, not the plumtree single although it does help that it's a song title and keeps the theme of music related blog titles going, but anywho...

the book (which can be found at is a cute little black and white manga style ditty from Bryan Lee O'Malley and published by the good people at Oni press. it features all the standard manga troupes that one would expect because Bryan is obviously a comic nerd (in a good way of course) and knows that other comic nerds will love these little inside jokes. if you're not a comic nerd but you live in toronto, or have ever been in a band, or are a video game nerd, or have had relationship troubles, or have hit a hot lead singer from montreal with a sledge hammer there are jokes for you too. this book is packed with something for everyone...really.

without getting to far into the story, scott is an early twenty something trying to figure out what the hell to do with his life. he's in a band that "doesn't suck that bad" that play local spots all over toronto. scott dreams about video games and other fun things and it's there that he meets ramona, american half ninja delivery girl and love interest. it gets weirder. scott has a 17 year old girlfriend that he keeps trying to break up with, no job and mooches off of his room mate that he shares a bachelor apartment with. he is the best fighter in ontario and can air juggle opponents for up to 64 hits (no really) turning them into a pile of coins, a 1-up or some sort of enchanted weapon like the famed, mithril skate board. all of this whilst trying to find gainful employment, record an album and win the heart of ramona.

the art might turn people off. my brother handed me a copy and said, "seriously, it's fucking hilarious." after i gave the cover the stink eye. i breezed through four of five pages and thought about how cartoony it looked. i mean, "felix the cat" cartoony but somehow it all worked and made complete sense after a page or two. i was sucked in in no time.

what i love is the attention to detail of otherwise meaningless thing. my personal favourite being the "stop! this is the back of the book." gag that soooooooo many manga have on what people in the west would consider the first page. this is of course because there are a large number of retarded people that couldn't tell they were reading a book backwards so they complained to the publisher but you get the point.

there are toronto landmarks featured in every book with handy little trivia facts. if you've been to any of them you'll see just how good a job bryan has done recreating them. lee's palace looks exactly like it should, shitty, small and like you could catch hep b just by looking at the sound guy. casa loma and sneaky dee's make an appearance as well.

there are four issues out so far and i would suggest getting them all if you're interested in a reading something that's just plain fun.

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amberdexterous said...

i'm definitely going to have to check this out, as you keep talking about it...and it's not like i'm saying you're getting annoying, no no, i'm saying that you're making me want to read it really bad, also because it has toronto in it, and i miss that place so bad. <3