Friday, May 2, 2008

we're all alone, no chaperone can get our number, the world's in slumber, let's misbehave

the contents of this thing just keep changing in my head. one day i want this to be an advice column, the next it will be the home of my new comic. so many ideas, so little time. for now, i thought i would do what most people seem to use the internet for and that is complaining. (just this post though.)

my particular issue on this fine sunny day is when did people suddenly decide they don't need proper training or experience to start working in a new field? i ask this because an old acquaintance of mine decided to become a music journalist not long ago. i'm not sure how it turned out and that isn't the point, what got me was the idea that they would just "be a music writer". they have no formal training in journalism, music history or composition but for some reason thought that it would be an easy job that one could just do. would you hire a mechanic that has only driven a car? would you hire a doctor that has only read about how surgery is performed? then why would you hire a writer that has only listened to an album or been to a show?

this is a small part of a larger whole that i can't figure out. yes, things like blogs make it easy for any one out there to express their opinion about art, culture, science or whatever they feel they have a valid point to make on. does this make for technically sound writing? no. does this mean that their articles should be taken seriously as proper works of scholarly critique? most certainly not. so why do people think it's just that easy to become a writer or a musician or an artist of any kind? yes, art is about creative experience, talent and expression and yes, sometimes people can have a natural aptitude but that will only take you so far.

long story made even longer, my opinion is stick to what you know and what you are good at. learn about and practice the things that you aren't as good at before you decide to spontaneously take up a new career and then get pissed that no one takes you seriously.